You recruit all day. Now get recruited.

Stretch your recruiting muscles - and get paid for it. Get connected with top companies looking for part-time recruiting expertise. Kickoff connects you with companies looking for your expertise, instantly.

More Than a Short-Term Gig

We're a talent community - supporting you in your full-time and freelance endeavors.

Join a Global Community

A recruiter's network is unmatched. Join a "team" without joining a team of top recruiters, remotely.


Add to Your Skillset

Work on projects outside of your typical day-to-day. Business recruiter mostly? Pick up technical sourcing on a part-time project to diversify your recruiting background.


Get Full-Time Work

Try out companies for shorter-term engagements first. If they grow their team with a full-time hire, Kickoff helps support the transition to full-time.


Apply for Kickoff

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to provide high caliber talent to high quality opportunities. We connect with each company directly prior to reaching out to talent to align on expectations.

Once you submit your profile for review, we kickoff the process with a phone call to get to know you better. Once approved to go live, we'll start to share opportunities from our company partners. It's a two way street - we make sure you're interested in the opportunity before sharing your profile with the company.

Access for recruiting talent is free! We make money through our company partnerships with a fee per connection/transaction. We want to optimize to get recruiting talent paid.

A community of talented, talent professionals. Once live, you'll get immediate access to our Slack community where you can connect, brainstorm, and learn from other talent professionals.

Nope! We're built for gigs as low as 10 hours/week through "full-time" contract commitments of 40 hours/week. We want to help talent professionals grow their skills whenever possible.

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