Rise of Freelance Recruiter

The emergence of freelancing as a career option has helped companies to grow, without adding recruiting headcount that might not be needed in 6 months. Hiring freelance recruiters can be an advantage to organizations as they can get their reqs filled quickly.

Why do Companies hire Freelance Recruiters?

If you are a hiring manager, you may have been in a situation where you don't have time to look for candidates and someone with the skills that your company needs has just joined another company. So, what do you do?

In such cases, companies hire freelance recruiters who can help them to fill in the gap between hiring managers and full-time recruiters. As per time constraints, companies prefer hiring freelancers since they can hire a skilled professional to recruit candidates as and when required to fill in their urgent needs.

What is the difference between a Full-time Recruiter and Freelance Recruiter?

The difference between a full-time recruiter and freelance recruiter is that the former is employed by the company and works onsite, while the latter is hired by companies on contract basis to fill their urgent needs.

At Kickoff, our recruiting talent drops into your existing team (or becomes your talent team entirely!) to act as an extension to your recruiting org. Leverage our contract sourcers, recruiters, coordinators and more to fill the exact roles you need, in just the right time.

Our recruiting talent is paid through Kickoff, so you do not have to worry about onboarding, payroll, etc - Kickoff handles all of that.

How to find the right freelance recruiter?

Finding the right freelance recruiter with Kickoff is simple.

  • Chat with our team to figure out the right mix of contract talent you need.
  • Interview those who are the closest match to your open headcount
  • Start hiring!

Freelance recruiting gives you the flexibility to meet the ups and downs of headcount growth

  • Freelance recruiting gives you the option to only hire talent when needed
  • It is cost-effective, time-efficient and provides flexibility to both you as the company and to recruiting talent

Reach Out for More

Kickoff makes hiring fractional and contract recruiting talent like recruiters, sourcers, coordinators, and recruiting leadership easy. Spend less time hiring, so you can spend more time hiring with Kickoff. 

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